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Welcome to Watch Doc where your loved watch could potentially be our next patient. Every watch that comes into our clinic is treated with the utmost care and respect. Our goal is to get your watch working and looking as healthy as possible. We specialize in vintage mechanical watches, but we also rehabilitate contemporary watches.


 If your quartz watch is not running, We can give it a DEFIBRILLATION [battery]. Seiko Kinetic and Citizen Eco-Drive require a capacitor which is basically a rechargeable battery. If a battery or capacitor doesn't cure it, we can give it a TRANSPLANT [overhaul].

 If your mechanical watch is not running, we can give it DIALYSIS [cleaning, oiling, adjusting timing], but it might need other parts.

 If your watch needs PROSTHETICS such as buttons, stems, crowns, bands, or buckles, we will carefully append it.

 If your watch has a scratched up or broken crystal, we can give it a FACELIFT [replacement]. Plastic crystals and  metal cases and bands can be MECHANICALLY EXFOLIATED [polished].

 If your watch does not fit properly we can give it LIPOSUCTION [adjustment]. Note: To size up, you must provide the extra links.

 If your watch's buckle or clasp doesn't snap on firmly or the hands do not line up at 6- or 12 o'clock, we can give it CHIROPRACTIC adjustments.

 If your watch is dirty, scratchy, and smelly, we offer WATCH SPA services.

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