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                 DON'T THROW AWAY THAT WATCH!!!

If you are serious about getting your watch fixed but declined repair elsewhere because the quote was too high, send it to us for quality professional service at a reasonable price. It will cost you about $4 to ship it to us in a 8"X4" bubble pack envelope. We will disect the watch to see its needs and costs.  

Please describe the watch's problem or what you were told the problem might be. Then we will give you a prognosis and prescribe a treatment plan. If you decide to admit your watch for rehab, a final estimate will be given after thorough examination and prepayment is necessary for the services.

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The information submitted will be used only by Watch Doc for repair purposes.

After a watch has been repaired, it must be observed for 24 hours to ensure correct time keeping. Please allow up to 14 days for turnaround due to postal journey, prior work received, and parts ordering. Thank you for your patience.

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